2018: Adult Creative Writing "The Old Veranda Swing"
2018: Open Ages Poetry "Island Shores"

2018: 25th Anniversary - "The Silver Tide"

2017: Open Ages Poetry "Passages of the Heart"
2017: Adult Creative Writing "Fires of Autumn"

2016: Open Ages Poetry "Island Tides"
2016: Adult Creative Writing "In the Wake of the Moon"

2015: Open Ages Poetry "The Tracery of Trees"
2015: Adult Creative Writing "Spring's Gentle Rain

2014: Open Ages "Island Magic"
2014: Adult Creative Writing "Mists of Morning" - winners are below, as we have had issues with uploading on our server.


Samantha Salahub, Saskatoon, SK

Rachel Lallouz,Victoria, BC
Jennifer Newcombe, Victoria, BC
Frances Bergstresser, Morris, MB
J.A.Huewan, Stonewall, MB

Ann McKechnie, Niagara Falls, ON
John Corvese, Burlington, ON
Amelie Hope Doucette, Ottawa, ON
Gayle Tupper, Sexsmith, AB
Les Woodcock, Brantford, ON
Kieran Blaney, Brussels, ON
Shirley Langer, Victoria, BC
Beverly Schwab, West Vancouver, BC

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE (Honourable Mentions)
Jessica Fernandes, Montreal, QC
Valerie Simmons, North York, ON
Darren Bachiu, Victoria, BC
Scott F. Alain, Ottawa, ON
Mildred Beggs, Petrolia, ON
Bobby Salvin, Ottawa, ON
Barbie-Jo Smith, Calgary, AB
Tj Blair, Georgetown, ON
Alex Campbell, Ottawa, ON
Kayla Jones, Whitefish Falls, ON
Onni Milne, Vancouver, BC
Elizabeth McGill, Brandon, MB
Lillian Bennett Armstrong, Williams Lake, BC
L. Trevor Jones, Fairview, AB
Sandie Stuart, Windsor, ON
Dagmar Wirch, Brandon, MB
Ardley Goodenough, Langley, BC
Marjory Craig Webster, Scarborough, ON
Fiona MacEachern, Port Moody, BC
Edward D. Beeson, Granville Ferry, NS
Ken Hancock, Nepean, ON
Rob Mason, Victoria, BC
Ronald J. Stuart, Toronto, ON
Brenda Thaxter, Bracken, SK
Wakana Takai-MacLean, Victoria, BC
Mary Juanita Tresierra, Williams Lake, BC

2013: Open Ages Poetry "From the Cerulean Sea"
2013: Adult Creative Writing "Sketches of Memory"
e-Reader winner: Gordon Selinger

2012: Open Ages Poetry "Island Wonders"
2012: Adult Short Story "Fireside Dreams"
2011: Open Ages Poetry "Fire and Light"
2011: Adult Short Story "From Across the River"
Archives coming soon...