Reading the various selections in your latest anthology is most gratifying. I find it especially remarkable to see the great talent shown by some very young people. What a wonderful book! I look forward to reading the various selections on a regular basis!  
Michael P., Comox, BC

Dear Wendy,

Recently, I received a letter from you informing me I had won Second Prize in your National Poetry Competition. This was accompanied by a certificate, a cheque, and a promise of a copy of the anthology, which also has arrived.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your judges for finding "Sancho", a bit of verse, worthy of their choice. As well I have to say I find it unusually generous of spirit that my not purchasing the anthology this year did not prejudice consideration of my submission.

So thank you very much for this pleasant experience and please accept my good wishes for your continued success.
Sincerely, G.A.


Thank you for the tremendous opportunity. I am so very grateful to you and the entire staff whom work so very hard to help aspiring poets achieve a step towards completing their literary goals. This contest, for me, allows me the privilege to see in print my works. I love the gift of word, and seeing my young daughter anticipate and aspire to become poet/songwriter as well lets me know what a true blessing The Poetry Institute of Canada bestows upon us. Now story writing, wow. Thank you ever so sincerely.
Lorri B.

I was absolutely overwhelmed when I received your letter of congratulations upon the acceptance of my short story, "Good-Bye". This is the very first time that I have been the recipient of such exciting news and I thank you and your staff most sincerely. I feel truly honoured, and I am grateful that there is the Poetry Institute of Canada to encourage would-be writers like myself.
Jean G.

It was a thrill when your letter arrived telling me my short story had made the anthology again. I never dared to dream I'd make it once but the second time, almost unbelievably. Thank you so much. It's wonderful to have somewhere to submit our tales and to have them published. Thank you, thank you all!
Verna M.


I received my copy of your recent anthology - what a beautiful creation! Congratulations! And thank you for the honour of being in your book! I also wanted to say this - the first place winner was an exceptional poem. Such emotion and thought. It was well done. I can see why the judges chose this poem.
Thanks very much
Suzanne O.

The thrill of being accepted for publication in one of the books published by The Poetry Institute of Canada never gets old. I would like to thank you and the editorial committee for giving me a motivation to continue to write poetry.
Barnabas N. (age 11)

Canada is producing, thro' your efforts, many new writers. I am thrilled you are publishing an anthology of stories as well as poetry (separately at this time). You are encouraging and inspiring many of our Provinces' young, mature, and senior. We must keep on reading and writing and you prove to have quality in your decisions.
Margaret L. R.

Dear Wendy,

My copy of "From Wayside and Woodland" arrived yesterday. What a beautiful publication! I spent hours reading the poems and "biographies of poets". I must say I'm so pleased to be included with so many. Keep smiling! Michael J.

Hey Everyone!

I just want to say what a HUGE honour this is to have my poem published. I never expected it to go that far but, I'm proven wrong. I encourage you to continue all your hard work, and keep inspiring young writers like me across the country. Encourage people to keep smiling, as they write their thoughts down onto paper. You never know, it may one day be published in a book. Remember: Follow your dreams, and your dreams will follow you.
See ya! T. Bailey, ON 12-years-old

Hey Everyone!

Thank you very much for choosing my poem to be in your anthology of verse. I am delighted to have my poem in your book, as this is my very first publication. I am 13-years-old and currently in grade 7 at St. Barnabas Catholic School. When I told one of my teachers, Mr. T., that my poem was going to be published, she was thrilled, as was I. She even ordered a copy of the book for me, and said, (quote) "Finally one of my students is famous!" When my principal found out, she had me read it out to an audience earlier tonight at the St. Barnabas day celebration.

J. Habbous

Poetry Institute of Canada,
I would just like to mention that you are doing a wonderful thing. You are helping people to write poetry. I never knew how to write poetry, but now that my brother's poem has gone to this contest I think I have learned a lot. He is very proud to know that he is recognized all over Canada. I again thank you for creating this contest as I know it has helped many children learn to like poetry much more.

H. Dahmer, ON
12-years- old

I thought that the anthology was beautifully done and I felt honoured to have my poem selected for the anthology.
L. Lipping, ON

I am an entrant in your poetry contest. I feel that this contest is well done. I'm glad you give the contestants a choice in whether they want to buy a poetry book. In no way is your contest misleading from my point of view. I think it is great you print student's poetry in a book, and give prizes to the contestants with the best poems. I hope you continue this contest in the up-coming years.
C. Petkau, BC