Important updates & contest schedules

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, we are all working safely from home and production continues on all our contests and publications. Our staff include high-risk individuals and we are taking all possible precautions; therefore, our office has been temporarily closed since March 15th and will remain closed all summer and probably into September. However, work continues! Please contact us by email at either info@youngwritersofcanada.ca or poetryinstitute@shaw.ca. We have a new customer service representative who looks forward to helping you with all inquiries and requests. Our phone will not be answered during this time, however letter mail and faxes sent to our office will still be collected and processed.

Current Contest Schedules

2019: Open Ages Poetry & Adult Creative Writing Contests

Book titles: The Winds of Change & Voyages Through Dawn

Production Status as of August 2020: Re-sending missed proof sheets, finalizing books for printers

Anticipated publication date: September 2020 (Winners announced: late August-early September 2020)

2019: Young Writers Poetry Contest

Book titles: Seashells and Sandcastles (ages 5-12) & Where Rivers Meet (ages 13-18)

Production Status as of August 2020: Typesetting entries, sending proof sheets for review

Anticipated publication date: October 2020 (Winners announced: late September 2020)

2020: Young Writers Creative Writing Contest

Book titles: The Raven’s Riddles (ages 5-12) & Looking to the Stars (ages 13-18)

Production Status as of August 2020: Initial contest results have been mailed to students and teachers

Anticipated publication date: February 2021 (Winners announced: late January 2021)

Founded in 1993, the Poetry Institute of Canada’s mission has always been to encourage and inspire writers of all ages. As of April 2019, we became a small, family owned and operated company, and our mission remains the same. We are working diligently to get back on schedule and thank you for your continued patience while we all adapt to these COVID-19 changes together.

We hope you have a happy, healthy summer and stay safe!

Best Wishes,

Jennifer Lejeune-Vickers

President & Managing Editor

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